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If you are a boater who is looking for a bike rack for your boat,  likes to ride your bike to explore new ports of call, get groceries and provisions, exercise or just to pass the time and relax, the Boater's Bike Rack is for you.

Do you like to keep a ship-shape look to your boat while utilizing the cockpit for what it is intended: lounging and entertaining? The Boater's Bike Rack is designed to stow  bikes on a boat bow, whether on the water or at the dock, without the use of snapping bungees, obtrusive hardware or unsightly rigging.

In the past, using bungee cords and towels was the only way to secure your bikes to the bow rail. All of that has now changed. No snapped bungees, no towels and none of the "contraptions" boaters have all created in order to hold bikes securely to the boat deck without scratching!

The Boater's Bike Rack has been developed by boaters like you looking for a solution that will function well and have a coordinated look with your boat, whether your bikes are attached or not. This boat bike rack system was designed to remain on a boat bow rail as an "accessory", but can be removed at any time by separating the velcro strips.

Thanks for visiting our website. We hope you will find the Boater's Bike Rack the perfect solution for taking your bikes along on your boating adventures.


Boater's Bike Rack Set
bbr set
Boater's Bike Rack

Finally a solution that looks as good as it protects!  Don’t use valuable cockpit space to store your bikes, use the Boater’s Bike Rack™  to secure and transport your bikes in style!