Boater’s Bike Rack™

Boaters Bike Rack tire coverThe Boater’s Bike Rack™ patent pending design assures that your bike, your bow rail and your deck are protected from scratches and tire marks.



Boaters Bike Rack Horizontal Cover

The Boater’s Bike Rack™ is manufactured with Sunbrella® marine grade canvas so you can easily match your boat’s canvas for a ship-shape unified look.  Industrial grade padding gives firm, streamlined support as needed to eliminate scratches on your bike or your bow rail.  All covers are secured with outdoor grade Velcro.  Utilizing large rubber coated twist ties with a carbon steel alloy core, you can fasten your bikes with confidence--even in heavy seas.






Please take a look at our installation video to see how easy it is to install the Boater’s Bike Rack™.


bbr set

The Boater’s Bike Rack™  system includes the following in your choice of Sunbrella®  to match your boat canvas!

   1 - 56" horizontal padded rail
         cover fitting standard 7/8"
         and 1" rail systems

   1 - vertical padded rail cover- 
         fitting standard 7/8"
         and 1" rail systems

   2 - bike wheel covers 

   3 - padded weatherproof large
         twist ties certified to hold up to 
        100 lbs each

   1 - Boater's Bike Rack logo nylon 
         drawstring backpack for 

If your rail size is larger, please see
the Custom Order Section.

Order Now Price: $179.95
  • A classy alternative to bungee cords
  • Maximum protection with a low profile, high density padding
  • Secures up to 300 lbs. depending on your rail
  • No sharp edges to tangle lines or scratch your legs
  • Four standard Sunbrella colors to choose from - even more with custom order
  • Can accomodate racing to mountain bike size tires
  • The Boater's Bike Rack™ easily and securely wraps around your deck rail--no tools required
  • Boater - tested in heavy seas
  • Fits 7/8” and 1" rails– other sizes may be custom ordered
  • The Boater’s Bike Rack™ floats!
  • Stays flexible in all temperatures
  • UV resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Flexible design